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You’ve heard the sales pitch: “Simply plug in our software/hardware/black box solution and you’ll be fighting off loyal customers with a stick.” But there is no silver bullet for solving a company’s customer interaction woes. In reality, most of those “solutions” only address a narrow piece of the problem rather than the interconnected set of systems and processes that span an entire organization.

But there is a proven approach to building more meaningful relationships with customers, and it’s called Geek-Nerd-Suit. It’s not a tool or a technology—it’s a designed approach to link customer technology (the role of Geeks), data science (the role of Nerds), and marketing and business strategy (the role of Suits) that we’ve seen work time and time again.

We at Elicit are Customer Architects who help multi-billion-dollar companies transform their ability to become truly customer centric. We value rebellious thinking because canned solutions result in mediocrity. We work in a distributed environment that allows us to live and work where we individually want, and deliver where our clients are. And we have an award-winning culture and lifestyle that doesn’t feel like any place you’ve worked before. We employ the best – we have to in order to do what we do. Are you not only interested but feeling like this is a challenge you’d like? Read on.


Being a Senior Technology Consultant requires a blend of deep technical, analytical and business skills in what we call “the customer domain” – understanding our clients’ interactions with their customers. This senior consulting role is critical in our engagements, partnering with Elicit’s data scientists and business strategists to assess our clients’ gaps in customer technologies and capabilities, laying out roadmaps to close those gaps, assisting with generating business cases and socialization, and advising during implementation of recommended solutions. It often starts with fundamental questions like, “What is a customer?” “How do you track them in your data?” “Can you accurately count them?” And progresses to “How do we create in engine that produces a series of insights we can act on over time?”

If you caught “data” as a central topic there, you’re spot on. Being customer centric requires development of a data integration capability more sophisticated than our clients have previously achieved. It requires unifying operational and analytical data management. Increasingly, it relies on public cloud platforms and leveraging them effectively.

A Senior Technology Consultant leads projects that include technology strategy, customer capability assessment and roadmap development, customer experience strategy, marketing technology (“martech”) rationalization, and personalization enablement. You’ll be leading both Elicit and client team members. These engagements can include (but are not limited to):

  • Customer Centricity Assessments, driving the technology aspects of the assessment, and working with data science and marketing strategy team members to deliver integrated conclusions and recommendations
  • Multi-year technology roadmaps, including businesses capability identification and categorization, technical analysis and project phasing
  • Customer identification and self-identification architecture and strategies
  • Customer interaction technology architecture and implementation strategies, especially with consideration of personalization
  • Customer data integration architecture and implementation strategies (technical and semantic layers) – including cloud implementations
  • Working with data science team members on customer analytic foundation design and implementation strategies, and supporting the development of new service offerings
  • Working with marketing strategy team members on requirements for supporting customer experience and marketing strategies and translating these business requirements into technical requirements and designs.

All of Elicit’s consultants also cultivate our company’s reputation in the marketplace through publication of articles and blog posts, conference presentations, and the creation of white papers and case studies.


This is a consulting role that requires broad technical knowledge, including experience and skills in areas such as information architecture, enterprise architecture, cloud platform technologies, data engineering in support of advanced analytics, multi-channel customer interaction technologies, marketing technology, master data management, data base design, personalization strategies, and common enterprise systems including POS/ecommerce, CRM, loyalty, digital marketing, data warehouses, and more. And in addition to these technical experience and implementation skills, we are looking for:

  • Technology architects who understand the businesses the technologies are employed to help, who understand the meaning of the data, not just moving data around. Business experience outside of technology is a big plus, experience working closely with business groups that use the technology is a must.
  • Forward-thinkers who have knowledge and experience with the latest cloud technologies, massively parallel systems, and strategies for managing and analyzing “big data,” while also realizing that there needs to be a clear path for companies to get from yesterday’s technologies to tomorrow’s.
  • People with a passion for and experience with leveraging customer data and analytics to support marketing, product strategy, and customer experience management.

In addition to these core characteristics, the following are important attributes for this role and for Elicit team members:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in business administration, information systems, statistics, analytics, applied statistics, applied mathematics, or a related field, and 5+ (10+ desired) years of experience. (Though you could convince us that your music or philosophy BA has equally prepared you for this role).
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, and the skill and patience to translate complex technical concepts into language consumable by business and IT stakeholders – and an appreciation of why this is critical. Telling a story is as important, or even more important, than listing the specs.
  • An eagerness for actively collaborating with other team members, both co-workers and clients, to solve hard problems.
  • If part of your career was outside of IT – perhaps a stint in Marketing, Operations, or Finance? – that would be a huge plus. We’ve found that those experiences make for stronger technologists.

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