When it comes to customer engagement,
there’s good news and there’s bad news

First the bad news. Despite what many firms will tell you, there is no silver bullet to your customer engagement woes. You’ve heard the pitch: Simply plug in our software / hardware / black box solution and you’ll be fighting off loyal customers with a stick. But in reality, most of those “solutions” only address a specific piece of the problem rather than the broad set of roadblocks that span across your entire organization.

Now for the good news. There IS a proven approach to building more meaningful relationships with your customers and it’s called Geek Nerd Suit. It’s not a tool or a technology—it’s a designed approach to link your customer technology, data, and strategy that we’ve seen work time and time again. We are Customer Architects who can help design your method to building customer engagement with the Geek Nerd Suit approach. Let’s break it down.


How we can help


In short, getting an organization’s Geeks (technologists), Nerds (analysts), and Suits (strategists) in lockstep is the surefire path to pay dirt. We’re so confident in the approach, we even wrote a book on the subject. Here’s how our team of Geeks, Nerds, and Suits can help yours.

You are only as good as

The company you keep

SouthwestNMNSHPolarisPetSmartHCAFossilHomeAwaySephoraBest BuyRegisHPGameStopCH

“Through the course of our multi-year engagement, Elicit has earned my complete trust. When I need help solving a tough problem, calling Elicit is the first move I make. Their commitment to understanding our business and our industry demonstrates how deeply they are devoted to our company’s success. Nothing gives me more peace of mind than knowing that our best interests have become their best interests.”

Richard HaayenRichard Haayen
Sr. Director of Commercial Analytics & Business Intelligence
Nestlé Skin Health

“I am a repeat customer of Elicit having worked with them on multiple engagements at multiple organizations over the last 5 years. Elicit has set a high standard for partnership while utilizing a blend of high-caliber skill sets to deliver for us.”

Ed RobbenEd Robben
Chief Information Officer
Neiman Marcus

“Elicit is helping us change the game. In an industry with such intense competition, we are looking for every advantage we can possibly get to better connect with and understand our customers. With our already obsessive customer culture, Elicit has managed to help us add new insight. Making our strong suit even stronger is a pretty incredible feat. We’re beyond thrilled to have Elicit’s partnership.”

Kevin KroneKevin Krone
Chief Marketing Officer
Southwest Airlines

Bringing home the hardware


A great company’s leadership team is a lot like a superhero squad. While they all have unique backstories, skills, and experience, they’re always more powerful collectively than alone. Where our leaders lack x-ray vision and the power of flight, they make up for it with powerful prowess in data, technology, marketing, and creative.

Mason Thelen

Chief Executive Officer

Chuck Densinger

Chief Operating Officer

Jim Sawyer

Chief Scientist

Mark Gonzales

VP of Customer Technology

Lauren Drexler

VP of Strategy and Development

Jimmy Egeland

Creative Director



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