Repeat Performance

Apr 22, 2016


Yesterday, we received the news that our CEO, Mason Thelen, was selected as a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2016 Award in the Upper Midwest. The awards program is in its 30th year of recognizing entrepreneurs who demonstrate excellence and extraordinary success in business. Having received the same honor last year, Mason continues to be acknowledged as an innovator, a shaper, and an entrepreneurial force in our field.

The repeated recognition from EY is certainly validation that Mason is doing something right, but beyond all that, it’s just cool. While many startups struggle with an inability to adapt to changing market forces or a slow decline in enthusiasm, Mason continues to breathe energy into our organization. The Elicit team is consistently inspired by Mason’s vision, and he pushes us all to do things better than we have before.

We’d be content with simply doing great work while having Mason at the helm, with or without recognition. It’s just an added bonus to know that the people at EY are taking notice. Again.

Congrats, Mason, and thank you for making Elicit a place where we’re thrilled to do what we do!

Repeat Performance_fig1