Don’t Pinch Me

Aug 01, 2018


Working in an agency world that was majorly focused on signage and heavily dictated by “the man” was not ultimately the dream job I was searching for when coming out of college. But like most recent grads, I took what I could get. I eventually climbed the ranks to project manager and then decided it was time to test the water and see if I could find a company with a little more flare that would fit my style. While stumbling through the application rabbit holes of Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn, I was lucky enough to run across what appeared to be the dream company I was searching for—Elicit. They had a project management role open with a job description written with the perfect tone of sass. I thought to myself, “This is it! This is the company I’ve been looking for.”

After multiple interviews and a few weeks of waiting, I was offered the job. I was quick to find out that this team is one unlike most you will find in the working world. Let’s start with the fact that before my actual start date or onboarding they invited me to a company event where we aggressively drove bumper cars into each other while trying to get a wiffle ball through a hole in a basketball backboard. Throughout the whole event everyone was already able to make me feel like I was a part of the team. I could tell immediately that there was something special about the dynamic of the group.

As I began the actual onboarding process I learned exactly what makes them so special—they truly care about making the environment one that their team want to work for. While many companies say it, Elicit eats, sleeps, and breathes it. From the systems they use to make the day-to-day workflow easier, to their Geek Nerd Suit foundation that guides their work with their clients, you can tell Elicit has the best interests in mind for all of the people they interact with. Another uncommon thing I have found is that there’s an open communication policy instead of a chain of command. You need an answer on something quick and you know the CEO will know? Just call him up! As innocuous as that may seem, that was unheard of in my previous experiences.

I have been with Elicit going on a month now and I will say it has been nothing short of a whirlwind process. Between the deep dive into the data and analytics work we are currently doing with our clients and all the knowledge I am gaining about the company itself, I couldn’t be happier to call myself a project manager for Elicit. Sometimes in the working world, dreams really do come true.