Doing It Right

Mar 13, 2017


Finding a company who treats you as you feel you should be treated is like finding a friend who goes out of their way to cheer you up when you’ve had a bad day. Companies that put the customer at the center of their attention are the ones that make customers feel special, and in turn, earn their trust and loyalty.

Noble Brewer, a company that specializes in brewing and distributing homebrew recipes, is doing it right. Homebrewers often are only able to share their brews with close family and friends. After all, it’s difficult to start a brewery. Noble Brewer partners with homebrewers, uses their recipes, and then partners with larger breweries to distribute these special beers. All to the benefit of beer connoisseurs like myself, who can subscribe and receive a new shipment of beers every few months.


There’s always a point in time when you know you’ve fallen for someone. Sometimes it is comes at a steady pace, you’re constantly happy, and then you realize they’re the one. Other times, it’s love at first sight, within seconds you want to be with them forever.

I fell for Noble Brewer. Fast. Yes, I love beer in general, but my affection toward the company happened before I even received a beer. Typically when you sign up for a subscription service, you receive a generic welcome email and have to confirm your address. That happened, as expected. Unexpectedly, a rep reached out to me asking what my favorite type of craft beers were, if there was anything specific I would like to see in shipments, or if I knew of any home brewers that should be featured. Lauralynn and I emailed back and forth a few times discussing more beer related things. It’s something that made me feel important to them—they seemed to care about my interests.

If you want to create a customer-centric company, you need to make customers fall in love with you. Focus on what’s important—the customer and what interests them. It might not be practical for every company to reach out 1:1 for every customer, but you could personalize messages based on different types of customers and their needs. A little effort can go a long way.


Humans have a short attention span and if they aren’t being delighted, someone else can easily swoop in and grab their attention. Often times, we learn about others, but we don’t take that knowledge and act on it.

As a beer lover, tasting rare and specialty beers with friends is an exciting time. Noble Brewer learned this and since starting, they have added in the ability to buy rare beer sample packs. As a member of Noble Brewer, I receive these offers at a discount and before non-members. With limited amounts of beer, this perk is a must-have.

If you want continue to be customer-centric, your customers must continue to believe that your product is worth buying and that you understand them. Once you have the insight about what they desire, you must act on it. As we’ve learned before, loyalty is a two way street. Some other ways to improve our connection with customers may be by rewarding them when they hit a certain spending goal, surveying them to better understand what’s important to them, and allowing them to be part of the product development process—let them help design the new flavor or design!


Keeping the customer at the center of your business is how to stay successful. After a customer falls for you, keep learning about them and use those insights to take action so that they are continuously delighted. Otherwise, someone else is going to come swoop them off their feet.